My priorites for LBCC

Keeping the Promise to Our Students
Our students have entrusted us with their future and our #1 goal at the College is doing everything we can to help them succeed. This means obtaining their Associates Degree and enrolling in a four-year institution, or a certificate that moves them on to a good paying career. This is a team effort involving the hard work of our faculty and staff, as well as our counselors and job placement personnel.

Fiscal Responsibility
We only have a certain number of dollars coming into the College’s treasury, and we must make certain that we are achieving our strategic objectives with these limited dollars. We have to prioritize faculty, staff, facilities, and equipment to assure student success.

Faculty and Staff Morale

We must attract the finest faculty and staff to our institution, but even more critical is the need to retain them, make certain they are paid fairly, have good benefits and work in a productive environment. If the faculty and staff are happy their enthusiasm for the College will transfer to our students and they, too, will be happy and achieve success. This comes from stable and experienced leadership at the top of the College.

Telling the LBCC Story
The College is a family and I see promotion of the College within our community as one of the vital roles of a Trustee. I see us as student recruiters, and I see us encouraging alumni to be more involved at the College – as mentors, employers, and donors. The Trustees can work effectively with residents in the community to add donors to our Foundation so that we have the resources to run a top rated college.

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